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UV flame detector KLC 1000

The KLC 1000 is a compact UV flame detector, which has been developed for single flame combustion which produces little light or radiation in the visible spectrum and has very low flame ­modulation/flicker frequency. The design of the UV sensor ensures that the flame detector does not react to background radiation from hot refractory or from any other Infrared light source.

The UV flame detector is equipped with an optical interface which visibly indicates the flame signal intensity. The KLC 1000 can be connected directly to the ionisation or LDR input of the control box. It is compatible in its physical dimensions and connection capability to other ­series KLC flame detectors. All KLC accessories are identical and therefore this reduces the variety of components used in production and makes it simpler for field application and ­service.

The UV flame detector KLC 1000 has been developed to meet the requirements of European Standards EN298:2012-11 for burner management control units which make a „no-flame“ check after normal burner shut down when the flame amplifier is permanently energised.

  • Intermittent operation
  • Compact design
  • Transistor output
  • Quick change in the plant possible
  • insensitive to daylight
  • can be connected directly instead of ionization probes or LDR

The KLC 1000 is a compact UV flame detector specially designed for single burner firing systems that produce almost no radiation in the visible light spectrum or operate with very low flame modulation. The UV tube used ensures that background radiation, e.g. from glowing brick linings or mixing equipment parts, is not detected.

The flame signal intensity can be easily recognised via an LED as a visual indicator. The KLC 1000 can be connected directly to the ionisation or LDR input of the automatic burner control system. It is compatible in its dimensions, connection dimensions and pin assignment with other devices from the KLC series. All accessories are therefore identical and reduce the variety of parts in production and service.

The flame detector KLC 1000 is designed in accordance with EN298:2012-11 for automatic burner control systems that check whether a flame signal is still present after a control shutdown, even though the flame amplifier is permanently energised.

The KLC 1000 should be installed tightly and with direct alignment to the flame. It is to be mounted by means of the mounting flange KLC or a suitable holder with 14 mm opening. The flame detector must be firmly inserted into the holder. No extraneous light should fall on the sensor.

To prevent interference, avoid direct sight of an ignition spark. Disturbances in the pre-ventilation phase can be caused by this. The maximum cable length of the connection cable must be observed. The connection cable must be kept separate from high-energy ignition and mains cables and must not be laid parallel to them over long distances. For safety reasons, there must be at least one control shutdown per 24 hours. For the KLC 1000 version, in order to check the UV tube in accordance with EN 298, the automatic burner control to be used must check the flame detector for the presence of a flame signal after the control shutdown. Otherwise, use the KLC 11 version.


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Perfect switching

The relay module flame detector converts the output signal of the flame detectors of the KLC series into a potential-free switching output.

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For the optimum connection of flame detectors to control boxes, we also offer customer-specific solutions in addition to our standard range.

Permanently mounted

Various fastening devices provide a tight fit on burner parts.

Looking around the corner

With the optionally available angle adapter, the radial alignment of the KLC 20 or KLC 21 to the flame axis is carried out by means of an optimally shaped mirror surface.

keep aloof

Thermally insulated adapter is used for direct mounting to the firebox.

Never miss a thing

The UVT-COM readout unit for the BSTcom software for Flamonitec UV compact flame detectors.

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    It comes together what belongs together - Merger of the BST Solutions GmbH with BFI Automation Mindermann GmbH

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    Already in July 2021 BFI Automation Mindermann GmbH and BST Solutions GmbH have jointly created the brand name FLAMONITEC® in order to increase awareness especially outside Europe.

    Hereby, we want to express our core competence in short form: Flame Monitoring Technology. And this in the entire bandwidth.

    Since 2004, BST Solutions GmbH has been active in the field of flame monitoring for original equipment manufacturers of heating technology and industrial firing equipment. For this BST Solutions GmbH uses the experience and patents of BFI Automation Mindermann GmbH, which has been active in the field of flame monitoring for power plants, petrochemical plants and gas turbines since 1973.

    These experiences have encouraged us to cooperate more closely also economically. On 31.05.2023 BFI Automation Mindermann GmbH has taken over all shares of BST Solutions GmbH retroactively to 01.01.2023.

    Both companies merge to form BFI Automation Mindermann GmbH.

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