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Industrial flame detector IFC 400

Rugged compact flame detector for harsh industrial applications where continuous operation is required. The IFx series features a robust die-cast aluminum housing with IP65 protection. Due to the housing concept, the device can be quickly replaced on site. The compact flame detector is designed for industrial systems in an IP65 metal housing that require cost-effective monitoring without a large range of functions.

The IFx series is divided into two basic types: the IFC for axial alignment and the IFR for radial alignment. The radial view design allows the mounting of a permanently functional flame detector in the positions of a monobloc burner normally reserved for intermittent flame detectors. In addition to the usual design of the signal output with relay contacts for a PLC control or suitable automatic ignition systems, we also offer an ionization simulation that can be operated in continuous mode. The IFx400 can be used directly in systems that only provide an ionization flame sensor but require optical monitoring for certain reasons.

With the help of the IFx-COM evaluation tool, you can read out and save all information in the flame monitor. A good analysis of the upcoming flame and its monitoring quality is thus easily possible.

  • Continuous operation
  • 3-channel flame signal evaluation
  • Cost-effective monitoring for standard applications
  • Output signal either potential-free relay contacts or ionization simulation
  • Different designs for optimal alignment with the flame - IFC axial and IFR radial
  • CE-certified, stand-alone flame detector - easy implementation of the flame detector into existing systems
  • Metal housing with IP65 protection for industrial applications
  • With various voltage versions, the IFC/IFR is operated directly with mains voltage and therefore does not require an additional voltage transformer.
  • IFx-COM readout tool for visualisation of flame signals and logging of measured data

The IFC 400 is a compact flame detector specially designed for use in industrial combustion systems for continuous operation. It provides a galvanically isolated changeover contact as output. Flickering of the flame is used as a safety-relevant criterion for flame detection. Switching thresholds, switching times and filter characteristics can only be set by the manufacturer. Flame detection is signalled by an LED and data is transmitted for evaluation. The compact flame detector IFC 400 may only be operated with a burner control unit or a DCS. It is not approved for direct control of the fuel valve!


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The 1/2" connection adapter for IFx and KHM

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These adapters are suitable for the industrial flame detectors of the IFx and KHM series.

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The Aulesetool for the BSTcom software for Flamonitec compact flame detectors of the IFx400 series.

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