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Flame monitoring
for power plants

BFI Automation supplies the appropriate flame monitoring systems for all fuels and fuel combinations. Systems from the Flamonitec 3000 series as well as from the Flamonitec compact flame controller series CFCx000 or CFCx00 are used for this purpose.

Flame monitoring
for gas turbines

BFI Automation has been a leader in the field of flame monitoring on gas turbines of all well-known manufacturers worldwide for decades. Whether original equipment or retrofit, BFI Automation supplies perfect solutions for all requirements with the Flamonitec systems.

Flame monitoring
for chemical & petrochemical industry

BFI Automation supplies fuel-independent flame scanners for all combustion processes in petrochemical plants, such as sulfur recovery plants (Claus process), cracking furnaces, heat treatments, energy recoveries, slurry incinerations, etc.

Flame monitoring
for industrial furnaces

Future-proof and reliable flame monitoring for continuous operation. For industrial firing systems, the wide range of our Flamonitec flame monitoring systems always has the right solution for you.

Burnout control
for waste incineration

Incineration in waste treatment plants places high demands on regulation. In addition to environmental aspects, the focus of the plant operator is of course on economic efficiency. Here it is important to make optimal use of resources. The ideal firing rate control receives its input signals directly from the combustion.

Flame monitoring
for fuels of the future

Whether hydrogen or other alternative fuels, BFI Automation is actively working on the development of suitable sensor technology for the safe and reliable monitoring of combustion processes with special challenges.